House of Radon, an agency based in Sweden, traveled through 25 countries on continents over 42 days to document 61 fantastic stories for Ericsson's interactive marketing campaign site: Capturing the Networked Society.

I was asked to tell the story of Verbling, the online language platform that provides a ‘localized’ language learning experience using Google+ Hangouts video calls. 

Since the short film above holds so many amazing stories, the site is completely interactive. Anytime you pause the film additional content related to that specific frame is loaded beneath for the user to explore. This enables the viewer to dive deep into each individual story. When you pause at frame 1:05 you can read and watch the spotlight on Case Study #19: Verbling

"Kendra teaches English to students all over the world, from Russia to Brazil. She empowers individuals to master a new language, helps them develop their skills –  all via the internet, through classes using streaming video.

Kendra uses Verbling, a web-based platform where anyone can pair up with a native speaker to learn and practice speaking a new language over live video chat. By leveraging the prevalence of home computers and connectivity, Verbling was developed to improve the way we learn and practice languages.

Before, you had to travel great distances to get the experience of practicing a language with a native speaker. Now, that experience is at your fingertips, no matter where you are."

It was pretty surreal to represent Verbling, especially amongst the other game-changing cases such as WikipediaSpotifyMashable, and Kickstarter! I highly suggest diving deep into all the other spotlight stories. It's incredible to witness powerful new technologies weaving humanity together!