2014 Resolutions

So this is the New Year. Time for some New Year's Resolutions! 

New Year’s Resolutions 2014

  • Reduce loan debt from 5-figures to 4-figures.
  • Carve out ‘personal project’ time in schedule. Pencil it in. Get it done. 
  • Learn how to drive stick-shift. 
  • Choose books over screens when crawling into bed. 
  • Be less distracted when speaking and tasking. 
  • Get dressed + put on mascara or lipstick. (Since working from home, remotely, in front of a screen, I've gotten in a rut of wearing my pajamas with no make-up all day long, haaaaa. This needs to change, stat.)
  • Write more frequently and consistently in this journal. Yeeeeehaw!
  • Daily → Take more stretch breaks + mental breaks during the workday.
  • Daily → Say a grateful prayer. 
  • Weekly Goal (2x week) → 30" in the garden with Shea
  • Weekly Goal (3x week) → exercise (yoga, running, tennis, hiking)
  • Weekly Goal (5x week) → 30" walk with Sadie + Shea
  • Quarterly goal → go weekend truck camping with Shea!
  • Fun goal → Listen to more records! 
  • Fun goal → Shoot more film!

New Year’s Resolutions 2013

  • Start yoga. I started practicing yoga last January in San Francisco. I started off strong practicing twice or three times a week, then when I moved to SLO my practice went on hiatus for the summer months. Now I do a trade membership with the Yoga Centre so I practice every Tuesday, but I'd like to increase this in 2014. 
  • Stop biting nails. A bad habit I've been trying to quit for yeaaaars. I started paint nails more often to avoid temptation of biting. If you see me biting, slap my hand out of my mouth. Please!
  • Floss regularly and wear retainers more often. Whoops, dropped the ball on flossing, but I did wear my retainers more! You win some, you lose some. 
  • Call friends and family more often. Nailed this one. 
  • Respond to emails quicker. I got really good at this, thanks iPhone!
  • Pay off 4k of student loan debt. Done! $$$$
  • Be stricter with self-imposed deadlines. Year of 2013 was all about meeting due dates and over-delivering. Now I need to learn how to be more self-forgiving when I don't meet self-imposed timelines.
  • Make the bed each morning. This ritual is great, it really makes you feel productive when you accomplish this task first thing in the a.m. 

Do you have any New Year's Resolutions? I'd love to hear them, let's hold each other accountable :)