SLO MakerSpace is officially open!


Rory Aronson (Shop Manager) has been working hard for months alongside other passionate makers to make this space come to fruition! I'm so excited to start using SLO MakerSpace to craft new projects that otherwise would have be impossible to create! For more information on classes, certifications, and memberships, visit >

SLO MakerSpace is an open, collaborative shop and idea laboratory where members and students can convene to make their projects and concepts into reality. It is dedicated to education, the open source community, and entrepreneurship, providing a space to share knowledge, build relationships, discover new skills, and incubate opportunities for the people of San Luis Obispo.
— SLO MakerSpace Mission Statement
The SLO MakerSpace offers tools, training, and consultation services that enable community members to experiment with and master a wide variety of Maker skills. We are dedicated to the following values: (1) Community - We foster the development of a community of diverse people, at low cost, in a positive environment. (2) Collaboration/Education - The sharing of knowledge and ideas is critical for personal and professional growth. (3) Entrepreneurship - We support the growth of new businesses through skill-building classes and consulting services.
— SLO MakerSpace Vision