Reel Recommendations


I've seen so many great movies lately, if you need a film recommendation I suggest any of the following:

1  > The Wolf of Wall Street = equal parts sex, drugs, money, more sex, more drugs, and more money. The 3-hour movie was chock full of extremely entertaining dialogues, incredibly chauvinistic over-the-top characters, and side-splitting humor.

2 > American Hustle = a boss 70s music soundtrack, foxy wardrobes, witty one-liners, and the most epic combover of all time, ever!!! Major themes include grappling with the reinvention of one self, hustlin', and clever conning.

3 > Nebraska = Poor fella thinks he won a million dollars...even though he has been a terrible father, apathetic husband, and stubborn drunk his entire life, he somehow pulls at your heartstrings and you root for him anyway. A slow-paced, black & white movie in middle-of-nowhere flatter-than-flat Nebraska. 

4 > Inside Llewyn Davis = This flick is oozing with metaphors which is expected (and appreciated!) from the Cohen Brothers. I was especially drawn to the colors of this film - fuzzy browns, wispy grays, deep oxford blues, dusty pinks, soft creams, and bright natural light. Fun fact: Most of the folk songs performed in the film are all sung in full, and, with one exception, were recorded live - hot damn, what talent!


...I'm looking forward to the release of Her (which should be out in a few weeks). Man falls in love with Operating System. Uh, yes, OKAY, sign me up! Oh hey, Joaquin, I'm digging the 'stache, by the way, thought you know... P.S. music is composed by Arcade Fire, I will. 


I can not WAIT for this film to come out  - Finding Vivian Maier, she was such a curious individual and private soul. So. Very. Mysterious. I don't know when it is going to be released, but I'd very much like to see it - anyone else interested?


Like Father, Like Son: a father finds out that his biological son was accidentally switched at the hospital with the boy he has been raising since birth #oops. Will he swap his "son" for his true son?!?!?!??!?!??!??!?!?!??!?!??!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!? Who's to say... I must see this. I'll probably be a crying train wreck in theaters but I'm looking forward to it!







The Grand Budapest Hotel. They had me at "Wes Anderson". But really, they had me at Wes Anderson :)