What's in a name?

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 1.51.33 PM.png

I'm mulling over options to consider for my upcoming name change:

(a) Nothing >
Kendra Aronson, Kendra Ashley Aronson

(b) Take Shea's last name >
Kendra Somma, Kendra Ashley Somma

(c) Hyphenate my new last name >
Kendra Aronson-Somma, Kendra Ashley Aronson-Somma

(d) Add Somma without a hyphen >
Kendra Aronson Somma, Kendra Ashley Aronson Somma

I'm leaning towards (d) because I quite like both last names but am not a huge fan of the hyphenation....total sidenote: I came across this geometric font the other day (how delicious is that lowercase R?!!?), the font is very glyphic and transformative, so naturally, I played around with the alternate letters as I considered possible name change options...hmmmmmm....it should also be noted that Shea does not expect me to change my last name and will not be offended by any selection I end up choosing - what a guy! ....So now I want to know: what do you think from the possible options: a? b? c? d?