Got Milk?

"Americans are drinking less fluid milk, on average. In this study, ERS researchers find that declining consumption since the 1970s reflects changes in the frequency of fluid milk intake, rather than changes in portions. USDA survey data collected between 1977 and 2008 reveal that Americans are less apt to drink fluid milk with their midday and nighttime meals than in earlier years, reducing the total number of consumption occasions per day. Moreover, more recent generations of Americans show greater decreases in consumption frequency, holding contact factors such as education and race. The majority of Americans born in the 1990s consume fluid milk less often than those born in the 1970s, who, in turn, consume it less often than those born in the 1950s. All other factors constant, as newer generations with reduced demand gradually replace older ones, the population's average level of consumption of fluid milk may continue to decline." - USDA's Economic Research Report: Why Are Americans Consuming Less Fluid Milk? A Look at Generational Differences in Intake Frequency

To that I say: WHAT. Have you savored the delicious creaminess of the heavenly white liquid!? How do you eat cereal?! How else are you supposed to enjoy milkshakes?! Don't you crave some before going to bed? People find it absurd that I love milk and I don't get it. Milk is my beverage of choice. Always. Milk always sounds good. Literally. In fact, I should be drinking a glass right now...I understand if you are lactose intolerant (and I am truly, deeply saddened for you) but for all the other lactose-capable American humans out there, why aren't you drinking buckets of the stuff?! I am completely perplexed. Maybe this new milk ad will change your mind:


I love milk, especially whole milk - wait, especially whole milk with a cream top. Mmmmmhmmm! I won't drink anything else. Non-fat, 1%, 2% - are you kidding me? I always turn down those forms of "milk". More like milk water, yuck. Or, in the words of Ron Swanson, "there is only one thing I hate more than lying: skim milk...which is water that's lying about being milk." Bravo, Swanson, couldn't have said it better myself. If it were good for your health I would drink half-and-half instead of whole milk, it's so damn creamy and delicious...confession: we've had buttermilk in our fridge for the past week since I made a cake and I've been wanting to take a swig of it every time I open the fridge. HA! I mean c'mon, milk AND butter, in one drink. Sounds like a dream to me! 

: Daily with breakfast, my mid-afternoon chai, my mid-afternoon glass of milk, or before bed. 
Yogurt: 3x week for breakfast with granola/fruit/honey
Cheese*: 3x week (usually in salads)....I don't eat as much cheese as I used to :( 
Ice Cream: 5x week 
Butter: Daily on toast and cooking, the more butter the better, am I right?
*When I worked at Mission Cheese I would consume at least (at least :) 4 oz. of cheese per shift which is the equivalent to a ¼ lb....let's be realistic, I probably ate ⅓ lb. per shift x 5 shifts per week, just eating cheese straight up at work I was throughly enjoying 1.25-1.66 lbs per week myself! Man, I miss those days and access to the finest American artisanal cheeses :) This of course isn't including cheese burgers, cheesy pastas, grilled cheeses, etc. Mmmmmm, cheese

I've had nightmares (yes, nightmares!) that I will develop a lactose-intolerance later in life. That would be my personal hell if I had to cut out dairy. If it every happens I will cry and whine about it forever, so it better not happen.