Verbling x House of Radon

For those of you who don't know, I teach English online through the language learning platform Verbling. Check out my teacher profile page and have a look at my tutoring promo video.....HHAHAHHAHHAHAH. I made this video all by myself this past summer when Verbling added the private one-on-one tutoring feature to their site. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from heaps of students, not to mention quite a few bookings (particularly from Italian men, haaaaa!) who enjoy the silliness yet seriousness of my video. As it turns out, the video caught the attention of a Swedish Creative Agency too! Less than two weeks ago I received this message out of the blue:

Hi Kendra,

My name is Sofia Hellsten and I'm working as producer at the Stockholm-based film production company House of Radon.

I'm contacting you because we think you are awesome. What you and the other teachers at Verbling are doing is truly great. And they suggested we contact you. Now we are featuring Verbling as a case in a a short concept film about how connectivity, mobility and new technologies are changing the way we live. We want to highlight the opportunities and benefits that these shifts create for people, businesses and societies. My request is pretty straight forward; To visually display what Verbling does we would like to come an film you when you are teaching one of your classes - you seem to have such a nice energy and aura and we would be very happy is this is something you would like to participate in.

I honestly thought this was spam....or an April Fools' Joke, ha! My thoughts: Someone from Sweden thinks I'm awesome?! And they want to travel to lil' ole' San Luis Obispo to film me? In my house? While I teach? What. After reading the message several times I wrote back expressing my interest, and before you know it I was corresponding back and forth with Sofia and her team, preparing answers to their interview questions, and clearing my calendar on Saturday April 12. A crew of 3 Swedes rolled up this past Saturday, they interviewed me in our courtyard, and filmed me inside while teaching. It was awesome!

You can catch a glimpse of the crew in the first few minutes of my class:

I'm going to be featured in this short documentary film alongside Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia) and Martine Lorentzon (Spotify) - I can't believe it!!!! The project should go live on the internet in September. I can not wait to see what they create! Here is an incredible 20-minute documentary they made recently, definitely worth watching:

I love how the internet and technology brings people together. I am so grateful for this opportunity to participate in such an epic project! Thanks House of Radon!