Wedding Planning: Taco Tasting

We've been trying tacos all over SLO County to bring you the best possible tacos at our wedding #toughjob #twistmyarm #yourewelcome. It's the most delicious task we've done yet in the wedding planning!!!! Also trying my Mom's homemade Mexican wedding cake cookies was mighty tasty too mmmmmmmmmhmmmm, thanks Mama! Seeking out the most delicious food is my all time favorite hobby in the world. Shea and I speak the love language of tacos fluently, here are our systematic findings around SLO County:


ordered: al astor, carne asada
[ + ] the green avocado spicy sauce was finger lickin' good
[ - ] the red sauce was a little too sweet/mesquite for my taste
[ - ] it's unclear if they cater, haaaaa!


ordered: chicken, carnitas, al pastor
[ + ] great cooking set-up; fun to watch them slice, dice, and grill up the meats
[ - ] good, not great, lacking salt overall, sorta disappointed

TACOS Y MAS . . . (Nipomo)

Ordered: carne asada, al pastor
[ + ] handmade tortillas
[ - ] we prefer our meats to be sliced rather than minced
[ + ] their aguas frescas de coco was super tasty and had bits of fresh coconut at the bottom of the drink, double thumbs waaay up!
[ - ] visually, these tacos were NOT bringing it, however, they did taste good . . .
[ + ] they operated out of a taco truck!

JUANITA'S (Grover Beach)

Ordered: chicken, carnitas, carne asada
[ + ] homemade tortillas
[ - ] green salsa for chips was ehhhh, not jazzed on their chips AT ALL :(
[ + ] lots of meat per taco, very filling portions, great presentation!
[ - ] would cater the non-assembled tacos in trays with chafing dishes
[ + ] guacamole was delicious
[ + ] chicken was super succulent and flavorful

CHACHO'S (Grover Beach)

Ordered: chicken, carne asada, carnitas
[ + ] great chips - super fresh, salty, and a smidge greasy
[ - ] no vegetarian taco on their menu but can create one
[ + ]  big hearty portions per taco
[ - ] does not have experience catering an event this large . . . 

THE TACO STAND (Atascadero)

Ordered: al pastor
[ + ] epic salsa bar with tons of fixings: onion, cilantro, radish, pineapple, 4 kinds of salsa, lemon wedges, lime wedges - the works!
[ - ] single tacos are cheap but a complete catering package cost a pretty penny per head


  • B+
  • $2/each
  • Ordered: al pastor, carne asada, carnitas
  • [ + ] their speciality, al pastor, is definitely the highlight and best in the County in Shea's opinion
  • [ - ] their other tacos are a little lack luster in Kendra's opinion


  • A
  • price
  • Ordered: chicken, carne asada, carnitas
  • [ + ] best chips and salsa BY A LANDSLIDE! 
  • [ + ] best carnitas thus far!
  • [ + ] can provide heaps of taco options: carnitas, carne asada, chicken, and veggie!
  • [ + ] can provide a CRISPY shells for chicken tacos, my favorite!
  • [ - ] no veggie taco on their menu but are willing to whip something up for catering

SANTA CRUZ TACOS (San Luis Obispo)
Tried but not pictured because not in the running. 


Enjoyed but not pictured because not in the running.


We had our engagement dinner here and have had many happy taco memories of afternoons soaking up the sun on their patio overlooking Morro Rock . . . and what used to be a gas pump station, HAHA!

We love the fact that they are consistently delicious, have supreme chips and salsa, the tastiest juiciest succulent-ist carnitas in the County. Additionally, they are willing to do crispy shells for the chicken tacos and can provide staff the day of the wedding to assemble on-site and sling tacos to the masses.

Ole! We are stoked.

In other news: it's been brought to our attention that Shea looks like Emiliano Zapata! HA! Here he is doing his best smug impression :)

So there you have it. Our taco tasting adventures.
Did we miss any?
Which one is your favorite?
If we created a taco map with pins of all the taquerias all over SLO County would you want a copy to put up on your wall?!