Separate vs. Joint Checking Accounts for Married Couples (Part I)

With the wedding less than 2 months away (!!!!!) we have another big life decision coming up - finances. I've emailed blasted some dear friends, both married families and soon-to-be-married couples, asking for their input, advice, and wisdom on the topic of money. Specifically, I've asked them the following questions:

Do you and your partner...
(a) Have a joint checking account? If so, why?
(b) Have a joint savings account? If so, why?
(c) Have joint business accounts? If so, why?
(d) Have separate personal accounts? If so, why?
(e) Have separate savings accounts? If so, why?
(f) Have separate business accounts? If so, why?
(g) Other answer/combination.


  • What did your parents do regarding separate vs. joint checking/biz/savings accounts? Do you think this has any influence on how you and your partner ultimately decided on separate vs. shared financial accounts?

  • Where are your accounts? In traditional banks or in credit unions? Why?

I'm a super curious critter and pochemuchka I thoroughly enjoy researching topics, asking everyone I know that has gone through the situation themselves, and then coming to my own - or in this case, our own - decision. I've been collecting some great guidance and feedback thus far. I can't wait to share the answers sometime next week, stay tuned!