Editor Kendra Aronson here again! I’m back with my bimonthly Q & A column showcasing florists that I highly admire in the field-to-vase movement. Today I’m shining the spotlight on a florist in my neck of the woods—San Luis Obispo, California. Orange Blossom Creative designer Krysti Jerdin began exploring her passion for floral design in 2012. Her floral arrangements are wild and abstract, with lots of contrasting elements and textural curiosities. Often times Krysti will pair lush showcase flowers with twigs, branches, berries, seedpods, and spent blooms. She never recreates the same arrangement twice and always offers up her bouquets in unique vessels that are truly one-of-a-kind! Check out previous Q & A posts and stay tuned for the next one in two months! Check out the original post on Field to Vase!


The most challenging thing about designing with seasonal flowers is also the most exciting thing about designing with seasonal flowers—you never know exactly how it’s going to work out! You have to be grateful and ready for whatever Mother Nature is going to provide. For example, if you are planning on using peonies for a May wedding, you are relying on that particular season producing healthy peonies. Many factors come into play when arranging seasonally—pests, weather, drought conditions, soil conditions—you have to be ready to go to Plan B which is sometimes just as amazing as Plan A. Designing seasonally can definitely stretch my creativity!

Q & A with the Editor & Field to Vase Florist Orange Blossom Creative

by Kendra Aronson of Field to Vase 
& Krysti Jerdin of Orange Blossom Creative

What is your background?

I am a local girl who grew up here in San Luis Obispo County. My mom has a green thumb and has always enjoyed gardening, so I guess you could say that I have been hanging out in the garden my whole life. In addition to growing up around seasonal flowers and foliage, I come from a family of collectors of second hand and vintage objects. The passion for collecting unique things comes in handy for flower arranging—as many of the pieces I collect I use as flower vessels. I absolutely love filling a rusty can or weathered piece of pottery with a bouquet of seasonal blooms and twigs.

How and when did you start your floral business?

The idea of Orange Blossom Creative started many years ago—however did not officially start until the spring of 2012. I have always loved flowers, and loved giving flowers to friends and family. I found myself rearranging the ones I would purchase, adding clippings to enhance the arrangement from my own yard, and placing them in a special vessel (that I usually found at the second hand store). One of my friends said to me one day after giving her one of my floral creations, “you’re in the wrong business; you need to be creating with flowers!” A few years later I started Orange Blossom Creative.

What inspired you to become a florist?

My desire to design using things in nature; I have always enjoyed being outside, collecting rocks, leaves, twigs, and of course, flowers and foliage. Simply put it makes sense for me to create with flowers; in my humble opinion, it’s the best match ever—me creating with nature!

Where do your source your flowers?

I use only local and seasonal flowers—either from my own garden, local landscapes, or local flower farmers.

What does it mean to you to be part of the field-to-vase movement?

I am honored to be a part of the field-to-vase movement; I take my passion for using seasonal and local bounty in my arrangements very seriously. I feel being a blog contributor to Field to Vase provides me the opportunity to share and educate people about the importance of using seasonal flowers and supporting local flower farmers.

What sets you and your business apart from other local florists?

I do not recreate the same arrangement over and over again. When a client asks me to create several centerpieces, they will all be linked together by the elements in the arrangements, however they will be uniquely distinct by their individual designs. I never make the same arrangement twice. Additionally, I use reclaimed and rescued vessels for all my arrangements.

What is your design philosophy when it comes to arranging flowers?

Let the pieces in the arrangement do the talking. I find it is better to allow the flowers to move in the direction they want to. If I am looking for a certain style or feel in an arrangement, then I search out the stem or branch that naturally flows in that direction; I do not use wires or tape to force the arrangement.

How do you describe your flower arranging style?

Wild and abstract. I prefer to pair lush showcase flowers, with twigs, branches, berries, seedpods, and spent blooms—I love the contrast and texture of it. When I get ready to create an arrangement, I lay all the elements out and just go for it. Rarely do I plan out exactly what an arrangement is going to look like before I begin. Occasionally a client may provide me with an inspiration vision, but otherwise my style is to just go for it!

What are your favorite springtime flowers and why?

I love the cottage garden flowers: hollyhocks, delphiniums, garden rose, peonies, and wild flowers. I think I am drawn to them for their color pallet, it reminds me of a watercolor painting. Plus cottage flowers are just so romantic!

Thanks so much Krysti!
xo, Kendra.

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