In early April, Shea and I went to T A H I T I with his family. They were so generous to let us tag along and we had heaps of fun with the whole gang :) Here are some Fujifilm Instax snapshots I took while on vacation. Enjoy:

 ↑ The vibrant colors of flowers and foliage were UNREAL. It was total eye candy. Greenery galore. I've never been to such a lush paradise. Shea and I are already scheming of ways to go back one day :) Words cannot describe the raw beauty of the place. 

↑ This was the path we would take when we were staying in the dreamy gated community off of Teahupo'o, literally one of the heaviest waves in world. It was a total coincidence that Glauren booked a home across the street from this legendary break, Shea was stoked :)

↑ This was our backyard. Literally. It was INSANE how green everything was. Green, green, greeeeeen everywhere. It was so pretty. 

↑ This little studio was on our property although we didn't have access to it. I couldn't resist taking a photo of this epic little nugget—a studio with a lily pad pond?! Yes please. I've found our future home away from home. 

↑ This is where Shea would paddle out to Teahupo'o, on our last night he took us all out to watch the sunset because he is a sweet gent. :)

↑ Now we are on the island of Mo'orea. Here is a sweet shot of some palms and a rainbow, just another daily dose of pure magic. 

↑ There were AWESOME vintage vehicles all over the island of Mo'orea. Boxy lil' beauties. Glauren is one the hunt for one now :)

↑ An amazing local took us to this super secret surf spot. Tahitians are the most genuine, kind, helpful, happy souls I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. We were all blown away by their hospitality, sincerity, attitude, and calm lifestyle. 

↑ This is Sagie hanging out with the neighbor's dog Ciboulette (French for chives). She was the sweetest little rascal that would play every day.

↑ There were so many roadside fruit stands and this one was the ultimate: pineapples, mangos, passion fruit, ice cold cocos—the works! The ladies working the stand were so friendly/patient while I asked a million questions (à la Kendra style) about their produce (in French—well, my rusty French :) and in the end they gave me some free fruit because Tahitians are the nicest people on the entire planet. The free mango was extra delicious because it was grown with their love and gifted with their generosity. 

↑ A funny roadside attraction, a huge pineapple man. We circled the island of Mo'orea a few times during our stay, the whole loop (one road) took about 1.5 hours and there was beauty on every square inch. It was incredible :)

↑ The day we flew in happened to be Easter Sunday so we saw heaps of people attending service in churches like this. 

↑ I love this one of Glauren and the kiddos. This was the local boat launch / watering hole where we hung out most days while Shea was surfing at Haapiti. The water was the clearest and warmest water I've ever swam in—the most refreshing bath water teeming with sealife! 

↑ The Sommas :) Shea, Glauren, Spence, and Sagie. Not pictured: Goup—unfortunately she was sick most of the trip :(

↑ A real rarity! An old fashion telephone booth in the wild! I made Glauren pull over so I could get this shot. I honestly don't remember the last time I saw a phone booth...it felt appropriate that I captured this beast on film. Viva analog!

↑ Post-Haapiti surf sesh. I told Shea to blow out the shower water like a whale. Bravo buddy, nailed it! 

↑ A little brother–sister pepper session :) We stayed in a home in Cook's Bay and woke up to this slice of heaven every morning. The whole trip felt like a dream. It's crazy to even look at these photos, I can't believe we actually went and we actually experienced all of this beauty.

↑ I told Sagie to whip her hair so I could get a cool photo. When you hold a camera in our hand you can pretty much tell anyone to do anything and they (usually) do what you say. I love that power of photography and capturing those moments. 

↑ Shea lookin' tribal with his zinc sunscreen :)

↑ A super cute one of Spence and our neighbor's other dog Pepsi :) She was a gentle love bug. 

↑ We took a radical excursion out to a Lagoonarium. We snorkeled around the coral reefs, played with stingrays in the shallow water (without stingers), and watched a blacktip shark feeding. Oh, oh! And we even saw a moray eel that was equal parts creepy and awesome. 

↑ My favorite palm tree in all of Tahiti. I spotted him the first day on the island of Mo'orea. It was love at first sight, loved this funky dude. 

↑ On our second to last day, Shea and I took the car for a spin for a photo excursion. We wandered down this epic driveway....

↑ and took some photos in this Palm grove: Monkey 1 and Monkey 2 :)

↑ All zinc'd up and ready to go :)

↑ Later dude!

↑ Think of the most breathtaking landscape, the most vibrant sunshine, the saltiest water, the greenest vegetation. That's Tahiti in a nutshell :)

↑ I LOVE this one of Glauren & Goup taking the kayak for a spin in the bay outside of our home. So much fun :) Best in-laws EVER :)

↑ Shea, myself, and I spending the last few moments we possibly can in the water before flying home. This is the only shot I have of myself on Fujifilm, I am always behind the lens and forget to pass the camera off to others haha. Til next time Tahiti—stay gorgeous!