Sorry for the radio silence on this journal....I’ll have you know there are lots going on behind-the-scenes! I’m taking heaps of classes, attending conferences, and reading tons of books. In brief, here’s what I have been up to >>>



  • [Online Blog Conference] Alt for Everyone - I'm taking 7 one-hour classes over a 2-day period > (1) Graphic Design for Bloggers: Layout and Composition, (2) Shooting in Manual Mode, (3) Illustrator for Bloggers, (4) Growing Your Blog: A Case Study, (5) Photography Best Practices: Photo Styling 101, (6) Colors and Fonts in Graphic Design, and (7) Photoshop for Bloggers. + a keynote presentation from one of my favorites, Kate Arends of Wit & Delight!
  • [BlogShop] BlogShop SF - I'm traveling up to San Francisco for a 2-day intensive Photoshop bootcamp for bloggers, it's a national & international workshop put on by graphic designer / blogger Bri Emery of Design Love Fest & photographer / videographer Angela Kohler. This has been on my radar since they first launched the workshop back in May 2011, now I'm fortunate enough to go! I couldn't have done it without the generous help of my Mama + Daddy-o, thank YOU!


So, there it is folks. This is what I'm doing. I'd like to dedicate a post on each class, conference, and book, so stay tuned y'all!