Shea Birthday Gift Round Up

Shea turned 28 this past Saturday - happiest of birthdays to my pasta-eating, plant-loving, movie-going, bread-baking, tacoholic fiancé. Hip, hip, hooray! 

Pasta Eater: SLOcally made Marinara sauce made by my favorite Italian restaurant and my old college stomping ground - Mama's Meatball. Shea is half-Italian, did you know? Of course you knew he was an Italian Stallion, his chest hair is a dead giveaway :)
Plant Lover: If you live in SLO and want succulent pups, get them at the downtown farmers' market from the Achievement House booth (only $1 for smalls or $2-$3 for a wee bit larger plants). Best deal in town, y'all!
Movie Goer: We've been going to the movies a lot lately. Let's do some math: normally Palm Theatre General Admission is $8, but if you buy a Super Discount Card (pack of 6 tickets) the price is $7/ticket. We use this pass *unless* it's Monday, why Monday? Because all seats and shows are a wonderful $5 Bargain Night price. Monday Movie nights are theeee best. A penny saved, is a penny earned, as Michael Aronson likes to say. Anyone who enjoys the Palm should buy this pass, because when you pay for the movie tickets up front psychologically it feels like a free date when you show up to the theatre, it's pretty great. 
Bread Baker: I purposely did not tell Shea that Tartine released another book because I wanted this to be a sneaky surprise - he already has the first 2 books and bakes homemade Tartine bread often because he is the d-r-e-a-m-i-e-s-t!!! Just like the other books, the photos and descriptions are incredible. 
Tacoholic: Shea loves tacos. I love tacos. We even had our engagement dinner at Chapala's in Morro Bay, which is a half-gas-station-half-Mexican-restaurant-hole-in-the-wall that serves real good tacos. It was epic-ly epic. I'll write about that wonderful weekend soon! :)