As a self-starter, I love teaching myself skills and sharing my resources with others. Nothing gets me more pumped than hearing about others launching their own passion projects and chasing their dream careers—in fact, it's one of the reasons I founded the Central Coast Creatives Club. Here are books I've read (feel free to ask to borrow any title below!), podcasts that fill my ears and head with great ideas, and admin software I use every day to run my business.






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Join the Central Coast Creatives Club!


Kendra founded The Central Coast Creatives Club to do more than share an online directory of creative kinfolk—this network of creative club members fosters genuine connections and kindles collaboration across the community.

Art by club member  Kayla King .

Art by club member Kayla King.


Club members gather at monthly meetups to connect, discuss their current projects, develop unique collaborative opportunities, cross-promote each other’s work, provide advice, share resources, and have a damn good time!


Directory club members also take monthly field trips to get a behind-the-scenes peek into the lives of local creatives. Each outing is an opportunity to get to know fellow colleagues in a unique way, from touring their studio spaces to asking questions about their personal paths and creative processes.



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