Kendra Aronson is always hungry—hungry for personal passion projects, hungry for creative collaborations, hungry for food.

She is probably thinking about her next meal right now...
photo credit: Tina Loveridge.

photo credit: Tina Loveridge.


As a celebrated cookbook author, a quarterly contributor for Edible San Luis Obispo magazine, a cookbook columnist on Food52, a freelance food writer, food photographer, and food stylist—Kendra’s voracious appetite for food knows no bounds.

If the craft culinary scene isn’t your jam, stick around—
Kendra’s expertise stretches far beyond food.

The San Luis Obispo Farmers' Market Cookbook

photo credit: Tina Loveridge. 

photo credit: Tina Loveridge

Kendra is the vision and voice behind The San Luis Obispo Farmers' Market Cookbook: Simple Seasonal Recipes & Short Stories from the Central Coast of California. Her enthusiasm (and endless energy) made it real—from the writing, recipe testing, and food photography, to the editorial design and self-publishing.

Taking her dream from big idea to bound book took creativity and crowdfunding. In July 2015, Kendra launched a Kickstarter campaign and raised $26,714 in pre-order sales. She sold out of her first print run of 2,000 copies in just 20 days.

Now in its third print run, Kendra’s cookbook has sold over 7,000 copies. She’s still in awe and grateful for every single supporter.

Kendra's successful self-publishing journey has been featured on Girlboss, Food52, Radio Cherry Bombe, and Being Boss Podcast. Plus, her cookbook has garnered the attention of famed, farm-to-table goddess Alice Waters (!).

“I love the way Kendra has celebrated the farmers and the beautiful organic food they grow for us. She connects their work to the kitchen and to our taste buds in a pure and simple way—plus the photos are gorgeous.”
— Alice Waters, Chez Panisse & The Edible Schoolyard Project



The Central Coast Creatives Club

Kendra founded The Central Coast Creatives Club to do more than share an online directory of creative kinfolk—she’s driven to foster genuine connections and kindle collaboration across the community.

Art by club member Kayla King.

Art by club member Kayla King.


Club members gather at monthly meetups to connect, discuss their current projects, develop unique collaborative opportunities, cross-promote each other’s work, provide advice, share resources, and have a damn good time!


Club members also take monthly field trips to get a behind-the-scenes peek into the lives of local creatives. Each outing is an opportunity to get to know fellow colleagues in a unique way, from touring their studio space to asking questions about their personal path and creative process. 



After Hours

Photo by Cana Family. 

Photo by Cana Family

When Kendra is off the clock, you can likely find her nose deep in a cookbook—sniffing out new recipes to make, devour, and share with her friends, her family, and her squeezeShea Somma (!).

Her favorite food groups include tasty tacos, wood-fired pizza, fried chicken, fruit pie, and ice cream—ya know, the good stuff. She loves traveling, learning new skills, and laughing. If you can make her laugh (which isn't hard) then you will become fast friends.


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